Safety first

Our Commitment

Health, Safety and Environment

HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) is a commitment to ensure that the business is done with due diligence to follow all requirements, to take care of manpower and the environment. The Project Team and Safety Team discusses the steps on how to do a specific work and set it as standard for everybody to follow.

HSE is a pro-active approach which requires manpower to be well trained on their specific work. As for the Supervisors, they need to be well trained on the Pre-Task Planning. They need to go through the actual process to identify the hazards and to document control measures as needed to be part of the workplace standards. These standards and guidelines are then communicated to the workforce through the Toolbox meeting by the Supervisors and Managers. Another important activity is the scheduled Safety Walk, all the top management will walk around the site to ensure all standards and guidelines are met. With the procedures in place, the skills and knowledge of the workforce and the commitment of the management team, we can ensure the Safety of the workplace.