Hetat developed its work processes over decades of hands-on experience in some of the most ambitious and unique construction projects. Our services are tuned to offer unique engineering solutions with effective cost saving measures to all our clients.

With the international experience gained, we can build in most demanding of climates and work environment. We approach every project as unique and as a challenge waiting to be conquered. From F1 temporary steel bridges to Sports Hub's Pedestrian Bridge; intricate art installation of canopies at Gardens by the Bay to canopies at Westgate and industrial structures such as Hyflux's desalination plant and iconic Yeh Brothers factory.

Our core business is hereby presented and divided into Structural Steel Engineering and Facade Engineering.


Structural Steel Engineering

Combining Creativity, ingenuity and technical genius is what we do to deliver exciting, efficient structures that go beyond expectations. Our continuous relationship with architects, contractors and specialists yielded in outstanding solutions with value.

Hetat uses sophisticated techniques to build and to ensure the structures are able to withstand tests and performance. Every minute details such as materials, construction methods, costs, risks and sustainability are taken into consideration to enhance client's confidence in us.


Facade Engineering

Building facade is a critical element in building design with facade engineer and facade engineering playing vital roles in bringing architect's vision life.

New cladding materials, processing techniques and construction methods are continually being developed in the search for better facade performance, making the design, procurement and construction of the building envelope a highly technical and complex process - yet on that is still immensely creative.